Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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Date: 1 MARCH 2010

Malacca Industrial Skills Development Centre (MISDEC)

Mr. Mohd Zain Bin Aziz
Multi Skills Training Center Sdn Bhd (MSTC)

Dear Sir,

Requesting Further Discussion on Job’s Offer Letter

Referring to the above matter, we as the applicants from Malacca Industrial Skills Development Centre (MISDEC) greatly hope for any room of discussions regarding our job’s offer letter.

In succession of our work attachment training in DK Composites Sdn. Bhd., we would like to continue our performance in contributing our best effort towards the success of this company.

We would like to further discuss about a few matter included in the job’s offer letter which listed below:

1. Basic salary

All of the applicants are degree holders from various fields and from different universities. The minimum basic salary that usually offered to the degree holder is (only first batch know). It would be our pleasure to have (only first batch know) as our basic salary even though the post is only as Production Technician. Furthermore, it is only for three (3) months contract.

2. Post

If the company would like to offer other position to any of us, it would be best if the job’s offer letter is prepared separately. We understand that the basic salary will be different and we hope that further clarifications will be given to us.

We are anxious to meet and discuss about this matter. Hopefully the discussion session can be conducted as below:

Date: 3 May 2010 (Wednesday)
Time: 9.30 a.m
Venue: Conference Room, DK Composites Sdn. Bhd.

Thank you for taking the time to entertain this request. Your attention and cooperation is vital to guarantee the smooth flow and win-win situation of this matter. We hope that we will receive a favorable decision pertaining to this matter.

Yours faithfully,

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Wan Mohd Zul Azmi Wan Abdul Aziz
First Batch Program IAD Composites