Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KevlarTM is one of a family of fibers known as aramid fibers. It is perhaps the best known because of its use in bullet-proof vest for policemen, soldiers, and VIPs and their bodyguards. By weight, it is much stronger than steel. It is also remarkably resistant to heat and to damage from slicing, cutting, or ripping. Special water-proofing needs to be added to the manufacturing process should the specific strength characteristics need to hold up when wet.

While its use in bullet-proof vests made it famous, KevlarTM is used in an immense number of other applications to replace steel. Originally formulated for use in tires, it has now found its way into products for light aircraft, for use in sails as well as other marine applications, for training or handling dangerous animals, and in equipment for extreme sports.

Because of Kevlar'sTM fire resistant nature, it is also commonly used as a replacement for asbestos in modern construction projects. Fire suits, too, commonly are made from KevlarTM. Whatever application you have in mind, that requires extreme durability and protective characteristics, PCT's team of talented designers and engineers can find just the right solution.

If you already know exactly what you need, down to the closest tolerances, PCT can meet your exact specifications. We work with the most demanding military and industrial clients to provide the highest quality composite material components available. To ensure this quality, we adhere to strict quality control procedures. We are also ISO-9000 certified.

Carbon Fiber

Power and Composite Technologies specializes in the precision design and engineering of carbon fiber products for the medical, aerospace, military, and recreational industries. In addition to the catalog of carbon fiber products PCT manufactures regularly, we are experts in the custom design and engineering of specialty products, prototypes, and other customer-specified, short-run items.

The engineering staff at PCT is recognized for its ability to design and engineer custom products with tight tolerances for extremely demanding applications. Customers can request specific dielectric properties, thermal conductivities, corrosion and chemical resistances, colors, strength-to-weight ratios, and more. PCT can also reverse-engineer any product needing replacement for which you do not have the specifications.

PCT can design and manufacture custom structures or precisely match customer specifications for products from bicycle frames and baseball bats to automobile suspensions and MRI gradient tubes. PCT facilities and procedures are ISO-9000 certified and operate under a comprehensive quality assurance program. Every phase of design and production is subject to continuous inspection, monitoring, and testing.


Fiberglass is one of the oldest composite technologies widely in use today, and PCT is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of custom, fiberglass structures and components in the world. We are extraordinarily experienced with using high-quality E-glass and S-glass for some of the most demanding applications in the world, including aerospace and medical technologies. Our engineering team can design a custom solution for you from the ground up, or reverse engineer any part you need--even if you do not have the specs for it.

Fiberglass is the layman's term for what industry professionals often refer to as FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic/polymer), GRP (glass-fiber reinforced plastic/polymer), and GRE (glass-fiber reinforced epoxy). However it is asked for, fiberglass is the material in question. Not all fiberglass is the same, though. In fact, there are huge differences depending on the type of glass used, the production method, the necessary machining, and the product's intended application.

E-glass is commonly used in situations where the component needs certain electrical properties. S-glass is commonly chosen for applications where the strength of the final product is of critical importance. Keep in mind, though, that PCT can custom engineer any properties you need into your final product.

PCT gained our experience and earned our reputation supplying GE with custom composites for their power generation equipment. Our high standards, customer orientation, and strict quality control systems are how we continue to hold such an exemplary reputation for high quality output. No job is too big, too demanding, or too complicated for PCT to handle.



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Composites and Controversion

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Laminate of Boat

Part of Boat
Laminate of Interceptor

Art Science Museum (ASM)


Process for ASM

Safety First

Wearing a full suit when doing laminate

Wearing face masks and mouth