Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KevlarTM is one of a family of fibers known as aramid fibers. It is perhaps the best known because of its use in bullet-proof vest for policemen, soldiers, and VIPs and their bodyguards. By weight, it is much stronger than steel. It is also remarkably resistant to heat and to damage from slicing, cutting, or ripping. Special water-proofing needs to be added to the manufacturing process should the specific strength characteristics need to hold up when wet.

While its use in bullet-proof vests made it famous, KevlarTM is used in an immense number of other applications to replace steel. Originally formulated for use in tires, it has now found its way into products for light aircraft, for use in sails as well as other marine applications, for training or handling dangerous animals, and in equipment for extreme sports.

Because of Kevlar'sTM fire resistant nature, it is also commonly used as a replacement for asbestos in modern construction projects. Fire suits, too, commonly are made from KevlarTM. Whatever application you have in mind, that requires extreme durability and protective characteristics, PCT's team of talented designers and engineers can find just the right solution.

If you already know exactly what you need, down to the closest tolerances, PCT can meet your exact specifications. We work with the most demanding military and industrial clients to provide the highest quality composite material components available. To ensure this quality, we adhere to strict quality control procedures. We are also ISO-9000 certified.