Carbon Fiber

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Power and Composite Technologies specializes in the precision design and engineering of carbon fiber products for the medical, aerospace, military, and recreational industries. In addition to the catalog of carbon fiber products PCT manufactures regularly, we are experts in the custom design and engineering of specialty products, prototypes, and other customer-specified, short-run items.

The engineering staff at PCT is recognized for its ability to design and engineer custom products with tight tolerances for extremely demanding applications. Customers can request specific dielectric properties, thermal conductivities, corrosion and chemical resistances, colors, strength-to-weight ratios, and more. PCT can also reverse-engineer any product needing replacement for which you do not have the specifications.

PCT can design and manufacture custom structures or precisely match customer specifications for products from bicycle frames and baseball bats to automobile suspensions and MRI gradient tubes. PCT facilities and procedures are ISO-9000 certified and operate under a comprehensive quality assurance program. Every phase of design and production is subject to continuous inspection, monitoring, and testing.